WaterWoman by Lauren Glass

The WaterRising Institute, in collaboration with The Female Quotient, have launched The WaterWoman Project, a first-of-its-kind movement bringing together leaders in water resource management, water intelligence technologies, and watershed communities to provide leaders of Fortune 100 companies the platform to grow capacities and the partnerships needed to reach water resilience by 2030.

The project aims to leverage the power of branding towards advancing equality for women and water resilience at watershed scale through culture & behavioral change within Industry Partner companies.

“A resilient world by 2030 is a world where human beings and the planet find a balance in which all thrive and survive.”

– Deputy Secretary General UN Amina Mohammed

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WaterRising Institute

The WaterRising Institute Women-led nonprofit advancing water intelligence projects in coastal communities through private, public and philanthropy partnership.

The planet’s “water cycle” is changing rapidly due to climate change, we must be able to respond urgently to the growing risks, placing water at the center of their policy and investment agendas. Innovation to advance water intelligence infrastructure along with leadership development with adaptive policies and measures is a critical component for all resilient infrastructure ecosystem projects.

We will achieve this through innovation, investment partnerships and water intelligence. Through our strong partnerships with academia, organizations (public, private, and philanthropic), and community scientists, we create a network of tools, technologies and people to solve current and emerging water quality threats, in the Great Lakes region initially, positively influencing water sources nationally and globally, in the longer term.
WaterRising Institute mission is to raise Water Intelligence Innovation.

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Water Resilience is essential to business performance and sustainability. While some corporate water stewardship progress has been made, these strides are not moving quickly and often reflect superficial activity without real impact.

We must infuse behavioral change (information, control and motivation) into the corporate culture in order to embrace transformational water stewardship.

Transformational actions are needed to address our most pressing water challenges

1-Moving beyond risk mitigation to understanding the growth potential of transformational water stewardship.

2- Working together, across silos and with gender parity, to create business ecosystems the produce collective action

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Our Mission

Advancing Water Intelligence, While Creating Gender Parity in

Water Management


The WaterRising Institute identifies 6 key objectives relating to water quality issues in global coastal communities .

Nature-based solutions for water, demonstrates how nature-based solutions (NBS) offer a vital means of moving beyond business-as-usual to address many of the world’s water challenges while simultaneously delivering additional benefits vital to all aspects of sustainable development.

About WaterRising Institute

WaterRising Institute is a women-led nonprofit that accelerates water intelligence projects in coastal communities through private, public and philanthropy partnership


The Team

The WaterRising Institute team is comprised of experienced professionals from the private, public and philanthropy that are committed about solving the current water quality issues in coastal communities


Our Mission

Advancing Water Intelligence, supporting gender parity in the water resources sector


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